Spiral Gullet

Produce components with smooth spiraled interiors that meet your tolerances

Our spiral broach tools are sharpened with CNC equipment. Providing our customers with the best possible finish on each part. Our engineering department will make sure the spiral gullet broach tools are applied to the proper application and are designed to give the user the best results.

If you want to produce a component with a smooth design use a spiral gullet broach. The tooling for these broaches must be highly precise, the broach will be in continuous contact with the component which allows for minimal vibrations and a longer lasting cut. With a well-designed broach it will be easy to mass produce precision parts and components.

By running the multi toothed broach through the interior of the component you will be able to slowly cut out the hole to a precision size to suit your needs. The applications for these broaches include the automotive and firearm industries.